PTA Brings Anti-Bullying Programs to Elementary Schools

The Manchester Township PTA sponsored two different assembly programs with anti-bullying themes to coincide with district-wide activities relating to the October theme of Respect for Others. “Box Out Bullying” was presented at all three elementary schools and the middle school. Also at the elementary schools was a program on conflict resolution presented by Blue Sky Puppet Theatre.

The “Box Out Bullying” program was actually three different programs tailored to grades K-2, grades 3-5, and middle schoolers, said Jeremy Rubenstein, President & Creative Director of Box Out Productions. He and actor Ryan Redebaugh presented the programs.

At the K-2 presentation at Ridgeway Elementary School, the pair portrayed cousins Tom (Rubenstein) & Jerry (Redebaugh), using skits, posters, quizzes and humor to help students understand bullying and what they can do to stop it. Tom and Jerry explained that bullying is “when a stronger person hurts or picks on a less strong person again and again.” They talked about the difference between a Teller and a Tattletale, explaining that a tattletale is telling to get someone in trouble but a teller is telling to protect someone. “Telling takes courage,” said Tom. They stressed four rules that they asked the students to remember:

  • I will not bully others.
  • I will try to help when I see others being bullyed.
  • I will include others.
  • I will tell an adult who can help.

The students were very enthusiastic about the program. Ridgeway Principal, Diane Pedroza, said she thought the program was outstanding. The program also included 50 pages of supplemental activities for teachers to use in the classroom throughout the year.
All of the principals wish to thank the PTA for providing these important programs for our students.