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Box Out Bullying is a national touring organization that specializes in combining research-based bullying prevention with dynamic live theater.

Bullying is a national epidemic. Sadly, schools across the nation are no exception to this trend or to the negative consequences that accompany these behaviors. If your community is dedicated to confronting bullying in a fun and hands-on way, we welcome you to Box Out Bullying!

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    “All the concepts we are teaching our students were beautifully tied into and reinforced with Box Out Bullying.”

    Dr. Nicole Yetter
  • Dr. Douglas Huntley Superintendent Queensbury Unified School District

    “From a practitioners point of view, from an administrators point of view, I could see and observe quality teaching practices, techniques, methodology, pedagogy, it was all there. “

    Dr. Douglas Huntley
  • Cara Fields

    “Loved it…loved it…loved it! ”

    Cara Fields

Box Out Bullying perfectly complements these effective school-wide intervention services: