Box Out Bullying is an evidence-based presentation with proven results demonstrating outstanding improvements in students’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors regarding bullying.


Proven Results

The Box Out Bullying Program showed dramatic results improving the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of 3rd through 6th graders throughout New York State, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

One month following the Box Out Bullying program, schools reported improved changes in student behavior:



Reported “…overall drop in bullying”


Reported “…overall drop in direct bullying”


Reported “…feeling more empowered to stop bullying.”

Increased Student Knowledge:

Could successfully Identify Empathy
(Up from 18%)


Understood the difference between telling and tattle-telling  (Up from 21%)

Students at Cleveland Hill Elementary experienced a 27 percentage point improvement in the ability to distinguish between telling and tattling/snitching!


Understood the difference between bullying vs. ‘rough-and-tumble’ play.  (Up from 21%)

School/Faculty Response:


90 purple

Over 90% of Teachers and Principals gave Box Out Bullying the highest rating of “Excellent!”

over 50

A majority of students reported telling their parents about what they learned from Box Out Bullying when they got home from school



Evaluation Method

Pre- and post-test evaluations were administered to over a longitudinal time period (2011-2013) over 3200 elementary and middle school students in schools across Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and Montgomery County, Virginia prior to and one week following the Box Out Bullying performance. A simple random sample was generated from the surveys of students in third through fifth grade. School/Faculty response and Parent involvement were gathered from students in Lancaster County.



Student produced testimonial


Program Integrations

Box Out Bullying programs and trainings align with your effective school-wide intervention services. In addition, we provide enhanced education that is school specific so the points that your students and staff have been introduced to are driven home!