Anti-Bullying School Assembly Shows That Are…

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…and capture the attention of all students. 

Join us on this transformative journey and witness the power of Box Out Bullying in action!

Students will laugh, cheer, and think! They will walk away with important tools and insight to be stand-up citizens and key players in ending bullying.


Our results-driven, critically acclaimed school assembly includes:

Live Theater Show

We use interactive live theater, multi-media visuals, colorful characters, audience participation, and evidence-based bullying prevention techniques to capture attention, empower students, and highlight your school’s anti-bullying practices.

Follow-Up Materials

The show doesn’t stop when curtain falls! Keep the Box Out Bullying message alive in school and at home long after we’re gone with our comprehensive resource kits, including materials, activities, and lesson plans for teachers, students, and parents.

Age-Specific, Customizable, Interactive.

Our anti-bullying assemblies can be adapted to fit the developmental needs of your student body. Whether they are in elementary or middle school, students will laugh, cheer, and think! They will walk away with important tools and insight to empower them to be stand-up citizens and key players in ending bullying.


Three Modes of Learning

Our assemblies utilize engaged auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning. Using call and response along with other interactive techniques, we get students seeing, listening, and most importantly doing to promote active learning, deep understanding, and retention.

Elementary School

Our dynamic and engaging elementary level assembly presentation comes in two age-appropriate versions: Lower Level Elementary and Upper Level Elementary

Middle School

Our middle school assemblies gives audiences proven tools to avoid social media pitfalls, navigate complex social dynamics, build healthy relationships, and more!

High School

Powerful, direct, and tackles the complexities of bullying in today’s high school environment. This isn’t a lecture – it’s a conversation starter you won’t forget.

Have a whole district to consider?

Box Out Productions’ school district tours are comprehensive presentations designed to bring anti-bullying education to your entire school district or region.

Why Box Out Bullying?

What Clients Say

“To say we were extremely pleased with Box Out Bullying is an understatement.”

Dr. Vernon Prosser

“In terms of applying theory to practicality, making it believable for the kids and powerful for the kids, this is the best I’ve seen.”

Chistopher Naspo
Anti-Bullying Specialist

“Your performance was perfect. We’re not used to being entertained like that. Weeks later I still hear our students talking about Box Out Bullying!”

Robert Caputo
Assistant Principal