Middle School Anti-Bullying Assembly: Empowering Students, Inspiring Change

Adolescence is a tricky period in the development of children, one characterized by changes, stress, and socialization. As such, adolescents become one of the most difficult ages to reach and impact. As bullying and its effects take on different forms in Middle and High School, it is critical to connect to this age group in order to effectively intervene and prevent lasting damage. Box Out Bullying’s middle and high school assemblies are formulated specifically to resonate and inspire action with this age group.

A successful show, like a successful lesson plan, needs to be able to reach your audience.  We adapt our middle and high school assemblies and programs to engage, empower, and entertain this age group by having:

  • A more mature tone, and more interactive material
  • Sophisticated subject matter and vocabulary.
  • Curriculum-based references enabling students to identify and relate to their own experiences

We also include a Cyber Bullying component and discuss:

  • A clear definition of cyber bullying
  • Different forms cyber bullying takes
  • Laws and consequences of cyber bullying
  • The lasting effects of cyber bullying

“For me, Box Out Bullying really opened my eyes about not just how, but why we should try to include students who are left out.”

-Michael R.

“You did, what I thought was, the impossible.  Throughout the assembly, all of my 930 students were engaged.  All of my students were truly listening, and, not just my students, but my teachers!  Everyone absolutely enjoyed every second of Box Out Bullying.”

-Lisa Hackett

Box Out Bullying Brings School Assemblies that are…

Assembly Page (Middle)

Equipping adolescents with tools so they can thrive!  Delivering impactful messages on bystander empowerment, digital citizenship, healthy relationships, and more!

Assembly Page (Middle) (2)

Actively involving students in the assembly presentation to ensure that vital lessons are not only learned but also internalized.  

Middle School Research Based

From teacher guides and activity worksheets to informative articles and recommended reading lists, our extensive collection empowers educators, students, and parents.  

…with a holistic approach!