Middle & High School

Adolescence is one of the most difficult ages to reach. As bullying and its effects takes on different forms in Middle School, it is critical to connect to this age group because of the damage bullying can do.


A successful show, like a successful lesson plan, needs to be able to reach your audience.  We adapt our assembly program to engage, empower, and entertain this age group by having:

  • A more mature tone, and more interactive material
  • Sophisticated subject matter and vocabulary.
  • Curriculum-based references enabling students to identify and relate to their own experiences

We also include a Cyber Bullying component and discuss:

  • A clear definition of cyber bullying
  • Different forms cyber bullying takes
  • Laws and consequences of cyber bullying
  • The lasting effects of cyber bullying

Box Out Bullying Assemblies— featuring interactive live theater, innovative multi media, colorful characters, audience participation and evidence based bullying prevention techniques— get everyone on board behind your anti-bullying initiatives.

Students will laugh, cheer, and think!  They will walk away with important tools and insight to empower them to be stand-up citizens and key players in ending bullying.