Bring Box Out Bullying to your schools and special events!

Each interactive and evidence-based assembly includes:

A Live Theater Show

Our interactive live theater, engaging multi-media visuals, colorful characters, audience participation and evidence based bullying prevention techniques get everyone on board behind your anti-bullying initiatives.

Follow-Up Materials

Keep the Box Out Bullying messages alive in school and at home long after we’re gone with our comprehensive resource kits, including materials for everyone involved—teachers, students, and parents.  Preview Materials

Box Out Bullying Empowers Students and Staff by:

  • Providing a clear definition of bullying
  • Introducing rules that will help stop bullying
  • Creating and building empathy
  • Successfully solving potential problems
  • Identifying bullying behaviors
  • Recognizing the different forms of bullying (Direct, Indirect, Cyber)
  • Addressing why bullying is wrong
  • Empowering bystanders
  • Teaching students how to be resilient
  • and much more!
  • “You won’t find a better team. I’ve worked with Box Out Bullying for over 8 years.  They are easy to work with, professional, experts in the field, they give the best programming for members of my school community.”   

    Amy Pernick
    Assistant Principal

Why Should You Bring Box Out Bullying to Your Community?

It’s Entertaining

Our engaging, interactive programs get stellar reviews from students, parents, and faculty!

It’s Effective

Our programs are based on hard evidence. Center for Safe School evaluations prove their effectiveness in improving your school culture.

It’s All-encompassing

Box Out Bullying will compliment and augment your individual positive school anti-bullying expectations, meet state standards, and actively involve Parents and Teachers.

It’s standard compliant

Our programs help schools meet national and state standards, supplement your existing bullying prevention policies, and integrate bullying prevention into curriculum.

Elementary School

We have two versions of our Elementary assembly program to ensure developmental appropriateness:
Lower Level Elementary & Upper Level Elementary

Each Include:

  • Age appropriate Kick-off Assembly Program
  • 80+ pages of evidence-based activities and lessons plans for teachers, parents, and students
  • Pre & Post Bullying Questionnaire (students 3rd grade and up)


Middle & High School

Adolescence is one of the most difficult ages to reach. As bullying and its effects takes on different forms in Middle School, it is critical to connect to this age group because of the damage bullying can do.


A successful show, like a successful lesson plan, needs to be able to reach your audience.  We adapt our assembly program to engage, empower, and entertain this age group by having:

  • A more mature tone, and more interactive material
  • Sophisticated subject matter and vocabulary.
  • Curriculum-based references enabling students to identify and relate to their own experiences

We also include a Cyber Bullying component and discuss:

  • A clear definition of cyber bullying
  • Different forms cyber bullying takes
  • Laws and consequences of cyber bullying
  • The lasting effects of cyber bullying

School District Tours

Lower LE Awe York Dispatch

Box Out Productions has developed comprehensive presentations designed to bring anti-bullying education to your entire school district or region.

Box Out Bullying addresses bullying on all levels of the student experience, while inspiring students, parents, and teachers throughout your whole community!

School District/Regional Tours help you:

  • For a very competitive rate, make bullying prevention come alive with award-winning theater shows for every school in your district.
  • Get stakeholders on board to build a safe school environment and create effective positive behavior policies.
  • Extend bullying prevention education throughout the year with standards-based educational materials.

School District Partners

Customized tours can include your specific messages, credos, and branding.

Box Out Productions has successfully worked with a variety of school districts and government departments to bring our student assembly, parent workshops, school residencies, and faculty professional development to their area. Some partners have included:

  • Warwick School District, PA
  • Tell City Schools, IN
  • Manchester Township School District, NJ
  • The School District Of Lancaster, PA
  • The New York City Department of Education
  • Madison County School District, FL
  • Wantagh Union Free School District, NY
  • West New York School District, NJ
  • Lost Hills Union School District, CA
  • Madison County School District, FL
  • Frederick County Public Schools, MD
  • Aztec Municipal School District NM
  • International Falls School District, MN
  • Windsor School District, VT
  • Brevard Public Schools, FL
  • District Of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS)
  • New Rochelle School District, NY
  • The Athens Area School District, PA
  • Cumberland County Public Schools, TN
  • Montgomery County Public Schools, VA
  • Old Bridge Township Public Schools, NJ
  • Waterbury Public Schools, CT
  • Lackawanna / Susquehanna Office of Drug & Alcohol Programs
  • IU 13, Pennsylvania Youth Peace Council Day
  • Kings Canyon Unified School District, CA
  • Los Angeles Unified School District, CA
  • Proctor School District, VT
  • Milwaukee Public Schools, WI
  • Loudon County Public Schools, VA
  • North Penn School District, PA
  • “This is exactly what every one of my school sites needed.”

    Fidilena Sasso
    Director of Student Services
  • “Box Out Bullying is absolutely SO connected to what we are talking about in all of our district school communities.”

    Lenni D. Nedley, Ed. D.
    Director of Curriculum
  • “As a education practitioner, I know Box Out Bullying made an impactful difference. We are so thankful to have the opportunity to bring them into every school in our district.”

    Screen Shot 2018 07 06 at 1.44.35 AM
    Travis Hoover
  • "Wonderful...wonderful...wonderful! Excellent feedback from each of our 10 school sites. I'm getting calls from colleagues in other districts asking how they can bring the Box Out Bullying District Tour to their communities."

    Sue Hilton
    Director of School Counseling
    York School District I