Empowering Schools with DASA Workshops and Assemblies


Through our extensive Dignity For All Students Act (DASA) programming we offer a range of services including Parent Workshops, Anti-Bullying School Assemblies, Classroom Workshops, and Faculty Professional Development so schools can meet their DASA requirements. 

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Our Interactive School Assemblies, Parent Workshops, and Faculty Professional Development align seamlessly with New York State Mandates and helps you fulfill Dignity For All Students Act (DASA) requirements. 

Engaging assemblies and workshops empower New York students, educators, and parents.  Address bullying prevention, build positive climates, and meet DASA requirements – a comprehensive approach to student success.

Why choose Box Out Bullying Assemblies & Workshops?

  • Our school presentations in engage students with dynamic and hands-on experiences, fostering active participation and ensuring they grasp vital concepts with enthusiasm

Hear from Educators and Parents

“Our scholars LOVED IT! I can’t say this enough. The Box Out Bullying assembly was awesome.”

Amy Pernick, Assistant Principal

“A game-changer. Impactful. We’re recommending you district-wide.”

Amanda Schlan, Arts In Ed Chair

Supporting New York schools through DASA-compliant programs:

Trusted by schools and districts across New York, Box Out Bullying delivers real results.  See a sample of our successful partnerships.  

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Some recent partners include:

Some recent partners include:

Ensure Dignity Act Compliance & Build a Thriving School Community with Box Out Bullying


Explore our comprehensive solutions and empower your school to create a culture of respect and kindness.

Parenting Education Sessions

Equip families with essential resources and build a cohesive school community – empower students to thrive at home and school.

Interactive School Performances

Engaging Schoolwide Assemblies Spark Student Engagement & Empower Safe Learning Environments (DASA-Aligned).

SEL Classroom Discussions

Is your school community missing empathy and respect?  Our interactive classroom workshops tackle these issues and more.

Teacher Training

Strengthen your inclusive teaching practices with Dignity Act Faculty Workshops – fostering respectful classrooms for all students.  


Understanding DASA: Creating a Safe and Inclusive School Environment

The Dignity for All Students Act (DASA), incepted on July 1, 2012, stands as a significant legislative initiative aimed at fostering a school environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. Its core mission revolves around preventing and addressing bias-based harassment in schools. DASA goes beyond just prohibiting bullying on school grounds; it extends its protective reach to school-sponsored events and activities, as well as on school buses. The act encompasses a wide range of discriminatory behaviors, making it unlawful to subject students to harassment based on factors such as race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sexual orientation, gender (including gender identity or expression), and sex, collectively known as protected classes.

What is DASA and How it Keeps You Safe at School!

DASA, or the Dignity for All Students Act, is a special law that helps protect students like you from bullying at school. The law makes sure that no one can be mean or hurtful to you or your friends because of things like your race, color, weight, where you’re from, or how you look. It also includes things like your religion, disability, or who you like.  Here’s what DASA does to keep you safe: