Box Out Bullying Comes To Woodland


Recently the Cameron County School District experienced Box Out Bullying.  Through trials and tribulations, the comic duo used audience participation, improvisational comedy, and help from a specially constructed box to find the answer to stopping bullying.

The show discussed a clear definition of bullying, a focus on prevention, and the difference between telling and tattling.  The students were given tools to control anger and build empathy.

Students were able to recognize why bullying is wrong and why standing up to bullying should be appreciated.  They learned to recognize where bullying occurs and was taught successful methods to get bullying to stop.

The assemblies were tailored to the ages of the audience.  The first assembly was in the elementary all-purpose room for Kindergarten through fourth grade.  The second assembly which addressed cyberbullying and the different forms bullying takes was held in the high school and was catered for fifth through eighth grade.  The Box Out Bullying assemblies were organized through the Olweus Bullying Prevention Committee.

More information is availible at  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Bullying Prevention Program, contact Mr. Newcomer at the elementary school or Mrs. Schreyer at the High School at 814.486.4000