Bring our anti-bullying assemblies to your schools and special events!

Our interactive, theatrical, age-appropriate school assembly is evidence-based and includes:

A Live Theater Show

Our interactive live theater, engaging multi-media visuals, colorful characters, audience participation and evidence-based bullying prevention techniques get everyone on board behind our anti-bullying assemblies and your school’s anti-bullying practices.

Follow-Up Materials

Keep the Box Out Bullying messages alive in school and at home long after we’re gone with our comprehensive resource kits, including materials for everyone involved—teachers, students, and parents.  Preview Materials

Box Out Bullying Empowers Students and Staff by:

  • Providing a clear definition of bullying
  • Ensuring all audience members can comprehend the difference between bullying and conflicts
  • Creating and building empathy
  • Successfully identifying potential problems 

  • Recognizing the different forms of bullying (Direct, Indirect, Cyber)
  • Promoting bystander empowerment
  • Teaching students how to show grit and resiliency
  • And much more!

Why Should You Bring Box Out Bullying to Your Community?

It’s Entertaining

Our engaging, interactive programs get stellar reviews from students, parents, and faculty!

It’s Effective

Our programs are based on hard evidence. Center for Safe School evaluations prove their effectiveness in improving your school culture.

It’s All-encompassing

Bullying does not just impact school, but rather, the entire community.  Box Out Bullying will actively help Parents and Caregivers, Teachers and Staff to successfully connect the dots between safe and supportive relationships and academic success. 

It’s standard compliant

All of our programming – school assemblies, student social emotional learning workshops, family engagement seminars, and faculty professional development – help schools meet national and state standards, supplement your existing bullying prevention policies, and integrate bullying prevention into curriculum.