Queensbury Union Free School District Superintendent Testimonial | Box Out Bullying District Tour

Dr. Douglas Huntley – Superintendent, Queensbury Union Free School District

The Box Out Bullying kickoff assembly was really outstanding. 

From a practictioners point of view, from an administrators point of view, I could see and observe quality teaching practices, techniques, methodologies, pedogogy, it was all there. 

You captivated the attention of the students in a number of different ways.  The “Box” in in of itself created a sense of anticipation.  To have rules that they could walk away from; social interation rules, rules that will help them in terms of dealing with a bullying situation, rules to help them better themselves by thinking before they act, are very important.  And very effective.  

I would recommend Box Out Bullying to any school district that really wants to make a difference.