Social Emotional Learning & Bullying Prevention Training

Thank you for attending Box Out Bullying’s Social Emotional Learning & Bullying Prevention Training!¬†

We hope you feel well-equipped and confident in your ability to navigate bullying situations should they arise at your camp, and beyond. We have created this landing page to give you easy access to any tips, tools, and resources you may need to create a community that is safe, supportive, and free from bullying… oh yeah, and fun!¬†Together we can make a difference.

Digital Resources

Lose your papers? Want more copies? Do everything online? For your convenience, we have uploaded PDFs of the Social Emotional Learning & Bullying Prevention Training resource packet.

Bullying Basics

Tips and definitions for bullying situations.

Bullying Rubric

A quantifiable way to identify and “score” bullying incidents.

Using Verbal Reprimands

Tips for how to use verbal reprimands effectively.

Intervening in Bullying Situation

Six steps for effectively intervening in a bullying situation.

Intervening Dos and Don'ts

Dos and don’ts to keep in mind when responding to a bullying situation.

What To Do if a Camper...

Tips for what to do if a camper is bullying others, is being bullied, or witnesses bullying.

Reflective Behavioral Journal

Worksheet for campers to reflect on any misbehavior.