Online Workshop Resources

This collection of tools, resources, and strategies has been created for parents, educators, and administrators to assist in supporting students as they engage in online and social emotional learning.  We hope that this dynamic and growing library will be a valuable toolkit for teaching and learning in an online environment.

Social Emotional Learning

The PDFs below accompany your Social Emotional Learning workshop.

PDFs can be downloaded and filled in digitally on your computer or printed out and filled in by hand.

Lesson 1

How are you feeling today?

Lesson 2

What’s the feeling?

Lesson 3

Read with empathy.

Lesson 4

Managing emotions.

Lesson 5

Creating a community.

Lesson 6

Strategizing and acting.

Lesson 7

Keeping track of your emotions.

Lesson 8

My personal affirmation.

Let the songs below put you in the mood to learn!

You Can Be Anything

Have a Good Day

Better Together