Interview with Box Out Bullying’s Founder

For most kids, bullying starts at school. And it’s at school where Jeremy Rubenstein, Founder and Creative Director of Box Out Bullying, is trying to end it.
“We’re all about making sure that children will be able to change the world for the better.”
Ten years ago Rubenstein created a live assembly performance called Box Out Bullying. The 40-minute, interactive, live theater show that’s part broadway play, part gameshow, to educate children about social-emotional learning and all of its forms.
“Students are learning by seeing, by listening, but most importantly by doing,.”
Box Out Bullying has branches across the country, they partnered with other anti-bullying groups to bring age-appropriate services, reaching audiences aged 4 to 14.
Box Out Bullying team members travel in groups of two in a van you can easily spot, with messages that are spot on. Visit for more information

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