Box Out Bullying kicks-off Wilson Elementary’s Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

Assembly Addresses

Bullying Behavior


Wilson Elementary students Joey
Baker, Jane Baronak, Connor
Forrest, and Carie Marzzarella
attended the kickoff assembly for
the Olweus Bullying Prevention

An interactive assembly featuring
the two-person show entitled
“Box Out Bullying” introduced
Wilson Elementary students to
strategies designed to promote a
bully-free environment. Held on
September 8, 2009, the presentation
launched the Olweus Bullying
Prevention Program, which
Principal Kathleen Sites attained
through a PA CARES grant. Staff
members were trained on the program
last year.
All students and staff wore teeshirts
with the slogan “Bullying
Offends…Just be Friends.” The
shirts were donated by the Wilson
PTA to be worn on specifi c dates
during the school year as part
of a school-wide effort to curb
bullying. All classrooms have on
display a poster listing the antibullying