How Box Out Bullying Is Not Just An Ideal PBIS School Assembly But An Excellent SWPBIS Kickoff Event 

Are you looking for a powerful PBIS School Assembly that aligns with your school’s positive behavior program? Look no further than Box Out Bullying! Our engaging school assembly is designed to support your PBIS framework and create a positive school culture by engaging students and reinforcing the behavioral expectations that create a welcoming and supportive environment.

Why Choose Box Out Bullying To Kick Off PBIS?

We believe that Bullying Prevention and Positive Behavioral go hand in hand. Our school assemblies, workshops, and presentations not only address bullying, but also align seamlessly with PBIS principles. By promoting respect, empathy, and positive communication, we reinforce the values of PBIS, helping schools foster a positive school climate where every student can thrive academically and socially.  We do this by:

PBIS Teaching Respectful Interactions

Teaching Respectful  Interactions

Our dynamic live theater assembly uses your school’s PBIS language to explicitly teach students how to respect one another. We bring your school credo, such as “Be Respectful, Be Responsive, Be Safe,” to life, reinforcing behavioral expectations in a way that resonates with students.

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PBIS Establishing Struture

Establishing Structure in Unstructured Areas: 

Unstructured areas like the playground, bus, cafeteria, and hallways can present challenges. Our assembly reviews your school’s rules and expectations, ensuring a consistent structure throughout these spaces. Students learn how to apply positive behaviors in real-life situations.

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PBIS Materials

Empowering Students with Assertiveness Skills 

Our comprehensive follow-up materials provide ongoing support to teach assertiveness skills. We equip students with the tools to communicate effectively, stand up against bullying, and advocate for themselves and others. These resources are perfect for school guidance lessons throughout the year.

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