The famous Box Out Bullying performers came to the Lyndon Town School

Vermont News Coverage Of Box Out BullyingBullying Awareness
LYNDON – The famous Box Out Bullying performers came to the Lyndon Town School on Monday, September 27th. Students, staff, and teachers came together to learn about anti-bullying.

Many schools have bullying prevention policies, and the Box Out Bullying program uses interactive theater to support those guidelines. Students who volunteered with the show shared their personal viewpoints about bullying. Students learned a lot about this sensitive issue by using interactive role play.

Dale Urie, in his first year as Assistant Principal at Lyndon Town School emphasized the importance of reducing aggressive behavior and building relationships in an educational environment. The school administration has been trying to initiate positive attitude and respectful behavior in the classroom. According to Urie, inviting the Box Out Bullying presenters was another way to enforce positive behavior in students. That way the message came from someone other than the teachers and the administration themselves. Urie explained that in his time at the school he has not noticed bullying as being a huge problem which is most likely a result of anti-bullying education.

Jeremy Rubenstein, who is the Creative Director of Box Out Bullying, says that bullying does not just affect the school, but the entire community. Rubenstein uses this presentation to teach awareness and prevention techniques that will hopefully reduce bullying.

This program began in Pennsylvania and has reached various places around the United States. According to the program, 116,000 children skip school in fear of bullying everyday, and 6 million kids get bullied or have witnessed bullying.

Rubenstein goal is to teach how to deal with bullying and to understand emotions.