Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences

As a child interacts with the world, their experiences, both positive and negative, stimulate the brain.  This causes the brain to form neural pathways, laying a foundation for lifelong cognitive and behavioral functioning.  These video lessons will demonstrate how Adverse Childhood Experiences, ACE’s, as grouped by abuse, neglect, and household challenges when unchecked, can lead to toxic stress, which in turn can affect education, employment, and income.

Lesson 1: Good Stress vs Toxic Stress on Brain Development

Lesson 2 – Adverse Childhood Experiences and Negative Health Outcomes, Reduced Life Opportunities In Adults

Learn and review the CDC-Kaiser ACE study.

Lesson 3 – Prevalence and Consequences of Adverse Childhood Experiences

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It can be tough to learn about Adverse Childhood Experiences and the different ways these experiences can hurt kids.  Though exposure to adverse childhood experiences doesn’t have to lead to bad things.  Many kids overcome early challenges and go on to lead healthy, happy, productive lives.  And it is possible to prevent adverse childhood experience before they even happen.  We all deserve to reach our full health and life potential.  And with the right support, we stand a pretty good chance!