Kings Canyon UFSD Welcomes Box Out Bullying to 14 School Sites

Fresno County, California —Kings Canyon UFSD, one of California’s largest school districts, is diverse in geography and culture.  District Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 8.46.31 PMadministraters are unified on one thing: making their school communities a safe place.

For the past decade, PBIS has been the bullying prevention program of choice for the districts elementary, middle, and high schools.  Each school adpoting a credo, school-wide expectations, and a means of assessing the issues and concerns facing students.

For two weeks, Box Out Bullying, a national touring, highly recommended presentation based in New York City, will tour the districts K-8th grade school buildings to kick off the districts PBIS inititatives.

1393712_10152492250254150_3571961166534525653_n“Bullying doesn’t affect the school. But the entire community,” said Jeremy Rubenstein, an acclaimed bullying prevention advocate and Founder and Creative Director of Box Out Productions, which produces Box Out Bullying. “That’s why we need to make sure that EVERYONE is on the same page, that we integrate bullying prevention into core curriculum so it becomes a part of the school culture, and that we help celebrate the schools positive school environment.”

10655250_10152477405794150_6217490071047672561_oEach presentation will be age appropriate, adjusting the messages to fit the tone, and maturity levels of the audiences.

“Our program gives answers, not just more questions, to turn students who would see bullying and do nothing, into students who sees bullying and try to do something to help stop it,” added Rubenstein.

The presentation covers a clear definition of bullying, the difference between bullying and conflicts, the various forms bullying takes, including a cyber bullying addendum for middle school students, creating and building empathy, addressing potential problems, but most importantly, empowering the bystander.IMG_20141029_101235

Parent workshops will be held during the day.  Spanish translators will be availible.

Today’s students join over 100,000 students and staff in schools across the county who experience Box Out Bullying each school year.