Peace Table Lessons


The Peace Table is a designated space in the classroom environment where children can go to take a moment, calm themselves or work out a problem in a peaceful way.

There is an ongoing concern that educators need assistance in making sure students can recognize the difference between bullying and conflict.  One of the keys to our success is our focus on conflict resolution!

Conflicts happen each and every day.  These disagreements, or misunderstandings, are a natural part of the human experience. Conflicts between students often occur in school “hot spots”: an area where there are lots of kids, and few adults available to supervise. Finding a consistently peaceful way to resolve them can be a daunting task for educators, who find themselves taking time away from their lesson plans to address an issue or concern among their students. 

Box Out Bullying is a leader in giving students tools to peacefully resolve conflicts on their own, leading to long-term results.

A Peace Table can also be used by the children to encourage conflict resolution through peaceful and respectful communication.

When used for conflict resolution:

  • it encourages children to talk about what’s on their mind and gives them a specific place and method to achieve an agreeable solution.
  • it is quick and simple to set up
  • it saves time and energy for both students and educators
  • it serves as an invaluable tool for a peaceful classroom!
Peace Table
  • “I come to the peace table and all my stress goes away.”

  • “This Peace Table has answered my prayers for classroom management.”

    Mr. Brinkman
  • “The Box Out Bullying Residency has been so successful at my school AND I have parents calling me to ask how they can set up a Peace Table in their home.”

    Ms. Gregory
Peace Table

Peace Table Set Up

To set up your peace table, refer to this Peace Table Check List.

  • A flat surface
  • Two chairs
  • A colorful, inviting table covering
  • An object of peace
  • A peace lily
  • 3-minute sand timer

Location – The Peace Table is in a peaceful part of the classroom

After successful training students will-

  1. Be able to demonstrate a successful peace table meeting
    1. Inviting a student
    2. Use of “I-Statement”
    3. Listening without interrupting
    4. Critical thinking and problem solving