The Peace Table


Box Out Bullying is a leader in giving students the tools to peacefully resolve conflicts on their own, leading to long-term and sustainable results.

Peace Tables are designated spaces in the classroom environment where children can go to take a moment, calm themselves, and work out conflicts in a peaceful way.

At Box Out Bullying, we seek to empower educators and students to recognize the difference between bullying and conflict. Conflicts , every day disagreements or misunderstandings, are a natural part of the human experience. Finding a consistent and peaceful way to resolve conflicts can be a daunting task for educators. This is where the Peace Table comes in.

Peace Tables encourage conflict resolution through peaceful and respectful communication.

Some benefits of the Peace Table:

– It encourages children to be open and express what’s on their mind.

– It gives students a routine: a specific place and method to achieve an agreeable solution.

– It is quick and simple to set up.

– It saves time and energy for both students and educators, creating a lasting and sustainable solution.

Set Up:

In a peaceful or calm part of the classroom, set up your Peace Table with the following tools. Refer to this Check List.

– A flat surface

– Two chairs

– A colorful, inviting table covering

– An object of peace

– A peace lily

– 3-minute sand timer


Student Outcomes:

Students will be develop essential critical thinking and problem solving skills. With empathy and caring, students will be able to demonstrate successful Peace Table meetings by:

– Inviting a fellow student to resolve an issue

– Using “I-Statements” when discussing feelings and experiences

– Actively listening to each other without interrupting

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