Enhancing Your RULER Approach with Box Out Bullying

At Box Out Bullying, we believe in fostering safe and inclusive school environments where every student can thrive. We understand the importance of implementing effective programs like the RULER Approach to develop social-emotional skills among students. That’s why we’re here to support your school’s RULER efforts with our engaging and impactful school assemblies. With our expertise in bullying prevention, we can complement and augment your RULER Approach program, creating a powerful combination for a harmonious school community.

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“Implementing the RULER Approach in our school was a great step towards building emotional intelligence and empathy among our students. However, we wanted to reinforce these concepts and address bullying directly. That’s when we partnered with Box Out Bullying, and the results were remarkable. The synergy between the RULER Approach and the Box Out Bullying school assembly left a lasting impact on our students.”

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Why Box Out Bullying is the perfect complement to your RULER Approach:

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  • Our highly trained presenters know how to captivate students’ attention through dynamic presentations, interactive discussions, and powerful storytelling. We ensure that the core concepts of the RULER Approach are reinforced in a fun and engaging manner, leaving a lasting impression on students.

  • While the RULER Approach focuses on emotional intelligence and empathy, Box Out Bullying directly addresses the issue of bullying. Our assemblies provide students with practical strategies to recognize, prevent, and respond to bullying situations. By combining both approaches, your students will develop a well-rounded understanding of the impact of their actions and the importance of positive relationships.

  • Box Out Bullying promotes a culture of student leadership, encouraging students to become upstanders and actively prevent bullying. Through our interactive activities and workshops, we empower students to speak up, support one another, and create a safe and inclusive school community. By incorporating these strategies into your RULER program, you’ll witness an increase in student-led initiatives and a stronger sense of collective responsibility.

  • We understand that sustaining the impact of a program requires ongoing effort. That’s why, in addition to our assemblies, we offer a range of resources, including follow-up lesson plans, discussion guides, and online materials. This comprehensive support ensures that the principles of the RULER Approach and our bullying prevention strategies continue to thrive within your school community.

  • Focus on examples, activities, discussions, step-by-step strategies and resources for improving healthy self-esteem of children.


By integrating Box Out Bullying’s school assemblies into your RULER Approach program, you’re not only complementing but augmenting your efforts to create a safe, inclusive, and emotionally intelligent school environment. Together, we can empower them to stand up against bullying and create a supportive environment.”