Classroom Meetings help your students continue the lessons learned through Box Out Bullying.

classroom meetings

Using classroom meetings, students can build confidence in expressing themselves and provide invaluable insight and ideas about their classroom experience.

By using prompts in a structured environment, the classroom meetings give your students the tools and confidence to communicate their needs throughout the school day, introduce them to collaborative decision making, and develop an atmosphere of trust in the classroom and beyond.

This framework of communication, collaboration, and positive problem solving go hand-in-hand with a STEM focused curriculum.

Group Meeting Power Point Presentation

Download this Power Point to get the most benefits from your group meetings  Click here:  Class Meetings PPP

The Box Out Bullying residency program uses class meetings as a tool to help your class work together, to advance student social development, to build the classroom community, and to strength teacher-student relationships.

After implementing class meetings, you will see a school-wide improvement as students become more respectful of each other, learn how to actively listen to each other, and develop strategies to talk through their issues.
classroom meetings

Class meetings should be incorporated directly into lesson plans, interspersed periodically.

Early in the year, the meetings will help you set norms for the class community. Students will have the opportunity to express how they want to interact with each other, what kind of classroom they want to experience through the year, and, based on that, how they will treat each other to achieve those wants.

Download Sample Class Meetings