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Anti-Bullying Programs, Workshops, and Webinars

BOX OUT BULLYING is offering our recognized and highly recommended student social emotional learning workshop, family engagement seminars, and faculty professional development for easy access online. 


Student Social Emotional Learning Workshops

Workshop Topics:

  • Building grit and resiliency in children
  • Promoting Peace At Home (Between siblings…and spouses)
  • Advancing bystander empowerment, equity, empathy among children
  • Avoiding cyber-bullying and promoting cyber-safety
  • Modeling actions that build healthy self-esteem
  • Knowing what to do if children are bullying others, being bullied, or witnesses bullying.

Faculty Professional Development

Easy And Reliable

Using your preferred digital meeting platform (we’re flexible) Box Out Bullying is able to bring multi-media style workshops to your school community.

There is no limit on the number of attendees.

Effective and Engaging

Interactive, informative, and high production value!


Workshop topics include:

  • Maximizing Impact With Bullying Prevention Committees
  • Take Your SEL Program To The Next Level
  • Using Games And Play
  • Creating Community
  • Promoting Positive School Culture
  • Restorative Practices
  • Addiction-Proofing Students in an Addictive World
  • Tips, Ticks, and Treasures to Tackle Anxiety

Family Engagement Webinars

Designed as a co-viewing experience for children and families, our online workshops and webinars are the perfect way to teaching bullying prevention, social emotional learning, and model how children can create peace at home.

Bullying – What Parents Can Do If…

Attendees walk away with empowering tools to guide children to be stand-up citizens and keyplayers in safely solving bullying situations.

Keeping Our Children Safe Online

Hone in on best practices of cyber etiquette, cyber-bullying prevention, and new intervention

Mom helping son with homework

Social Emotional Learning Tools At Home

Discover how to use certain solution-focused techniques, the Peace Table, that will have an immediate impact on a child’s behavior, achievement, and social emotional intelligence.

Building A Child’s Grit And Resiliency

Walk away with answers on how to help children set achievable goals and successfully find solutions when faced with stressful situations or challenges.

Creating a Vision With Your Children

Discover how to help your children set and achieve their goals.

Family smiling at laptop screen

Unlocking Leadership Potential In Children

Learn to reduce relational aggression, enhance healthy self-esteem, and empower kids to be 21st century learners and leaders.

Actions that Build Healthy Self-Esteem

Focus on examples, activities, discussions, step-by-step strategies and resources for improving healthy self-esteem of children.

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