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“Peace is what every human being is craving for, and it can be brought about by humanity through the child.”

—Maria Montessori

Montessori educators have praised our ability to help create a stronger, more vibrant classroom environment and school community.

Watch the video for testimonials about Box Out Bullying from Montessori Educators

Montessori Behavior Guidelines

Even in our peaceful Montessori Schools, there is a need for Peace Education.

The quality of life at Montessori Family School is based on students and teachers working together in a spirit of mutual trust and responsibility. Structure and logical consequences exist so that everyone can work together, feel safe, and be glad they are in school. Three basic rules keep the atmosphere of the community pleasant: respect yourself, respect other, and respect the community.

Download Behavioral Guidelines Sample

  • “Montessori Schools do a lot for bullying prevention. And Box Out Bullying very directly addresses what we are teaching our friends everyday, especially how to try to include others that might feel left out."

    Montessori Academy Programs
    Bryan Heidel
    Upper School Director
    Alcun Montessori Academy
  • “Box Out Bullying goes hand-in-hand with our strong sense of peace education.”

    Montessori Academy Programs
    Karen Rubenstein
    Head Of School
    The Montessori School of Lancaster
  • “The parent workshop and student presentations were phenomenal. If you want to create a direct conversation about peace education, Box Out Bullying is hands-down the best.”

    Montessori Academy Programs
    Mary Cae Williams
    Head Of School
    The New School
  • “To create a stronger, more vibrant Montessori community, I couldn’t have thought of a better assembly program than Box Out Bullying.”

    Montessori Academy Programs
    Michael Girodo
    Head Of School
    Jarrow Montessori School

Our Programs

Learn more about our interactive, age-appropriate, and research based: Student Assemblies, Parent Workshops, Faculty Professional Development, and Artist-In Residencies.

All of our presentations and workshops will:

  • Help foster a classroom community allowing students to articulately express themselves
  • Make individual differences a cause for celebration and pride
  • Promote bystander empowerment
  • Provide simple tools for children to include others, especially those who tend to be easily left out.

Let Box Out Bullying be the vehicle for your bullying prevention program and access our dynamic follow up activities and lesson plans to encourage each person to grow into independent, thoughtful, and caring members of the community.

Peace Table Lessons

We will give students a tool to address “kid sized” problems. All classrooms will introduce a peace table. Lessons will continue on use of the peace table. Some important points to let teachers know about their Peace Table:

  • Encourages children to talk about conflicts.
  • Should Placed in a Quiet Area of the classroom
  • Is ONLY used for conflict resolution or peaceful reflection. THIS IS NOT A TIME OUT TABLE OR A SNACK TABLE, ETC.
  • Children are not forced to use The Peace Table but must choose to use it on their own.