Social Emotional Learning Artist-In-Residency

Arts Education Residencies

Through our arts-infused social and emotional learning (SEL) series, students learn strategies to manage their emotions, practice perspective-taking, and create a more supportive classroom community.

The Classroom

Using classroom residencies to develop effective emotion regulation, mutually supportive relationships, and self-awareness.


The Peace Table

Using the peace table to encourage peaceful conflict resolution, respectful communication, and mindfulness.

In The Classroom 

Here at Box Out Bullying we know that social and emotional learning (SEL) is essential to creating safe, thriving communities and schools. SEL in the classroom supports student development of effective emotion regulation, mutually supportive relationships, and self-awareness.

Research has shown that implementing SEL curriculum can lead to a wide-array of positive student outcomes, including improvements in academic performance, decision-making, and overall well-being.

Led by trained artists and specialists, Box Out Bullying’s innovative and fun SEL series offers a comprehensive and tailored experience to help your school and your students achieve their full potential.

  • From Quantitative and observational data

    From Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence research

    Focus on CASEL’s five core competencies

  • Tailored to fit your educational needs

    One or two dedicated teaching artists for your school

    Capacity to conduct 6-12 sessions/day

  • Identifying and Managing Emotions

    Respecting Difference and Promoting Acceptance

    Communication and Growth Mindset


The Peace Table


The Peace Tables offers a collaborative way to explore effective conflict resolution, respectful communication, and mindfulness.

One of the essential take aways we emphasize is the distinction between bullying and conflict. By acknowledging that conflicts, disagreements, and misunderstandings (unlike bullying) are a natural part of the human experience, Box Out Bullying’s Peace Table offers a long-term solution to class conflict that builds students’ independence and mutual understanding.

Led by trained specialists, Box Out Bullying’s innovative Peace Table series offers schools and students the chance to further explore and implement social and emotional skills in a practical way.

  • Encourages children to talk about what’s on their mind

    Gives children a specific place and method to achieve an agreeable solution

    Saves time and energy for students and teachers alike

    Provides a mindful space for students to relax and calm themselves down

  • Set up is quick and simple!

    Refer to this check list when setting up your table

    Explain and demonstrate the components of a successful meeting or discussion:  

    Using “I-Statements,” Active Listening, No Interruptions, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving