Jeremy Rubenstein, Founder & Creative Director

Jeremy Rubenstein

Founder and Creative Director


Jeremy is an educator, producer, and social entrepreneur.

He is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with degrees in Theatre, Journalism, and History.  He earned his arts education certification from Long Island University.  And he studied clowning at The Celebration Barn, where he holds a certificate in Eccentric Performance. 

newwIn 2008, Jeremy created Box Out Bullying, a national touring bullying prevention assembly.  The live theater show receives rave reviews year after year.  Over 1.3 million people have experienced the live theater show.

As a keynote speaker, Jeremy has delivered hundreds of workshops across the United States, Korea, Taiwan, and Nepal.  As Founder of Box Out Productions, he has been recognized and highly recommended for creating innovative programming

Jeremy was honored to be invited by Former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to present at the White House Summit on Bullying Prevention.    

Jeremy spent his youth between Los Angeles, California and Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Outside of work, he enjoys hiking with his wife, son, and dog, playing team trivia, and spending as much time at the beach as possible.